How do you store the Mojito Spheres?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: With great pleasure I’ve been browsing your website and saw an inspiring recipe about Mojito Spheres. I only had one question: Is it possible to prepare these in advance? So if you rinse the spheres in the last step with water, how do you store the mojito spheres until you want to serve them …

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Is sodium alginate suitable for meat products?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Hello. Is sodium alginate suitable for meat products? Boil 2dl of water with spices, let cool, mix in sodium alginate which forms a gel, add the gel to the minced meat, fry the meatballs. The idea is to get juicier meatballs. Yes, sodium alginate can be used in meat products, and the method you’ve …

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Beet Balsamic Gel – with Gellan

Beetroot Gel - Gellan Xanthan Gum

Check out this Beetroot Balsamic Gel, a culinary marvel that serves as a vibrant, flavorful foundation for numerous dishes! This versatile gem marries the earthy goodness of beetroot with the deep, rich, and tangy notes of balsamic vinegar, creating a beautifully balanced symphony of flavors. The two special ingredients we use are Xanthan Gum and …

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Scallops and Radish Lasagne – with Easy Binder

Lasagne Scallops Easy Binder

This “lasagne” made of scallops and radish melds traditional Italian cuisine with innovative modern gastronomy techniques! Introducing our Easy Binder to develop our unique texture., a unique and delightful dish that takes the familiar comfort of lasagne and transforms it into an elegant and refined delicacy. The origins of lasagne can be traced back to …

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Discovering Carrageenan Iota: A Unique Ingredient for Modern Gastronomy

Iota ingrediënt carrageenan

Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of Carrageenan Iota, a remarkable ingredient that is sure to inspire and elevate your culinary creations. Let’s explore its origin, properties, and how you can use it in your modern gastronomy journey. Origin of Carrageenan Iota Carrageenan Iota comes from red seaweed, specifically from the species called Eucheuma …

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Blini – A perfect little amuse bouche


Looking for the perfect bite-sized appetizer that’s sure to impress your guests? Look no further than our recipe for Blinis! These delicate and delicious pancakes are the perfect canvas for all sorts of toppings, but we’ve taken it to the next level with the addition of beetroot gel, crème fraîche, and salmon caviar. The combination …

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Mojito Spheres

Mojito Spheres Sodium Alginate Calcium Lactate

Mojito Cocktails. Served as Spheres! How cool is that. This delicious and innovative cocktail is a perfect addition to any party or as an amuse. Our recipe takes the classic mojito and transforms it into a visually stunning and mouth-watering cocktail sphere. These spheres are bursting with refreshing flavors of lime, mint, and rum, encapsulated …

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Red Port Spaghetti – with Agar Agar

red spaghetti agar agar

Get ready to impress your guests with our Red Port Spaghetti-Like Gels with Agar Agar! This fun and unique recipe uses agar agar and red port wine to create stunning, spaghetti-like strands that are sure to elevate any dish. Perfect for adding some flair to a cheese platter or garnishing a sweet dessert, this recipe …

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