Watermelon Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Watermelon Mojito Cocktail

Check out this Watermelon Mojito Cocktail Recipe! This refreshing and modernist twist on a classic cocktail is perfect for a hot summer day. Made with fresh watermelon juice and our special ingredient, Sodium Alginate, this drink is sure to impress your guests.

With only 6 simple ingredients, it’s easy to whip up and enjoy in no time. The combination of ginger beer, rum, suspension syrup, lime juice, and white rum creates a deliciously balanced flavor, while the addition of watermelon juice adds a hint of sweetness.

For an extra touch of sweetness, we recommend using caster sugar to rim your glasses. We use the direct spherification technique to create those beautiful watermelon pearls, using Sodium Alginate.

So why not give our Watermelon Mojito a try and elevate your cocktail game? 

Happy cooking!

Watermelon Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Special Ingredients Europe
A refreshing variation on a mojito with a ginger beer base, lime and fresh mint, finished with small spheres of watermelon caviar
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Cooking time 10 minutes
Course Cocktails
Cuisine Molecular
Servings 1 1


Watermelon Mojito Drink

  • 80 ml ginger beer
  • 40 ml rum
  • 30 ml suspension syrup
  • 20 ml lime juice

Watermelon Caviar

Calcium Chloride bath

  • 10 gr calcium chloride
  • 1 L water


Watermelon Mojito Drink

  • Mix the mojito ingredients in a glass filled with ice and stir to chill the drink, then strain into a fresh glass and serve.

Calcium chloride bath

  • Make the calcium bath by blending the water and the calcium chloride

Watermelon Caviar

  • Blend all the ingredients together well. Pass the mixture through a sieve or muslin to remove air bubbles.
  • Use a pipette or syringe to make caviar spheres by dropping the watermelon mixture into a calcium chloride bath.
  • Allow the caviar to react for thirty seconds then remove with a slotted spoon and rinse in a bath of fresh water
  • To serve pour the prepared cocktail into a glass or glass tube, then stir some of the watermelon caviar into the drink and serve garnished with fresh mint leaves.
Keywords Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, Rum, Sodium Alginate, Suspension Syrup, Watermelon Juice, White Rum
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