Calcium Lactate

Cucumber Gimlet Recipe

A modernist twist on the classic Cucumber Gimlet Welcome to the fascinating world of modernist cuisine where traditional recipes are transformed into sensational experiences. Today, we’re revisiting a beloved classic, the Cucumber Gimlet, and infusing it with a dash of culinary science to delight both your palate and your curiosity. The Timeless Appeal of the …

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Bloody Mary Cocktail Sphere Recipe

The Bloody Mary Cocktail Sphere! Welcome to a groundbreaking interpretation of one of the world’s most iconic cocktails with our new spherified Bloody Mary recipe. This classic drink, known for its bold flavors and restorative properties, has been a brunch staple and a hangover cure since its inception in the early 20th century. The Bloody …

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Calcium Lactate Bath Recipe – Basics

Calcium Lactate Bath This is a basic recipe for those looking to elevate their cooking game with the use of molecular ingredients. The main ingredient here is Special Ingredients Calcium Lactate. In molecular gastronomy, a Calcium Lactate bath plays a pivotal role in the fascinating process of spherification. This technique allows chefs to encapsulate flavors …

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Pear Pearls

Pear Pearls This is so nice: Pear Pearls! This refreshing and unique dish is made with a combination of our Special Ingredients, including  fresh pear juice,  Sodium Alginate,  Calcium Lactate and Demineralised Water. The result is a burst of juicy pear flavor in every bite. To add a touch of acidity, a splash of lemon …

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