Ultimate Dim Sum Recipe

Best Dim Sum recipe with Agar Agar

The best dim sum – ever! A good dim sum has a wonderfully soft steamed dough layer and is richly filled with vegetables, meat and bouillon. But how do you get that liquid bouillon in the bag? Simple: by making smart use of the properties of agar agar! We explain it in the recipe below. …

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Sous Vide Salmon with Lime Foam

Salmon Sous Vide - with Foam of Lime using Soy Lecithin

Welcome to the enchanting world of culinary innovation, where we’ll guide you through the preparation of an exquisite Sous Vide Salmon accompanied by a light and zesty Lime Foam using soy lecithin. This recipe combines the precision of sous vide cooking with the playfulness of molecular gastronomy, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flavor, texture, …

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