Blueberry Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

Moscow Mule

A Moscow Mule is a popular cocktail that traditionally consists of vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a lime wedge and often served in a distinctive copper mug. The cocktail is known for its sharp, spicy flavor profile that comes from the ginger beer, while the lime adds a refreshing citrusy zing.

The Moscow Mule was created in the 1940s in the United States. Its invention is attributed to John G. Martin, an American spirits and food distributor, and Jack Morgan, who owned the Cock ‘n’ Bull Tavern in Los Angeles. They concocted the drink as a way to sell more vodka, which was relatively unfamiliar to Americans at the time.

The copper mug, which has become synonymous with the Moscow Mule, is said to enhance the individual flavors of the ginger beer, vodka, and lime. Although primarily aesthetic, many enthusiasts claim that drinking from the copper mug provides an extra cool sensation, adding to the experience of the cocktail.

In a contemporary twist on the classic Moscow Mule recipe, we’ve introduced an exciting element that adds both texture and flair to the traditional cocktail: a foam topping created with Soy Lecithin. This modern adaptation involves incorporating soy lecithin, a natural emulsifier, to whip up a light, airy foam that sits atop the drink. The foam not only enhances the visual appeal but also introduces a velvety layer that contrasts beautifully with the crisp, sharp flavors of the ginger beer and lime. This addition transforms the Moscow Mule into a more sophisticated, multi-textural experience, making it even more enticing for those who appreciate a cocktail with a creative twist.

Blueberry Moscow Mule

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A traditional moscow mule cocktail, with a modern twist.
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Prep time 15 minutes
Cuisine Molecular
Servings 1 1


Blueberry Moscow Mule

  • 50 ml vodka
  • 100 ml ginger beer
  • 5 blueberries
  • limejuice half a lemon

Ginger and Mint Air



Blueberry Moscow Mule

  • Agitate the blueberries with the vodka and lime juice in the glass then fill the glass with ice.
  • Pour in the ginger beer

Ginger and Mint Air

  • Combine the ginger beer, sugar, flavour oil and Soy Lecithin and blend well. Now angle the head of the Mini Whisk and Cocktail Foamer so that it is partially submerged in the liquid and blend to produce a light airy foam

Finish the cocktail

  • Finish the drink with a few spoons of the foam, then serve with a sprig of mint and sprinkle lime lest and crackle crystals over the drink and serve
Keywords 30 Mint Leaves, 5 Blueberries, Caster Sugar, Ginger Beer, Juice of 1/2 Lime, Lecithin Powder, Lime Food Flavouring Oil, Mini Whisk Cocktail Foamer, Sprinkle Crackle Crystals, Vodka
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